Do You Know the Artist Walter Anderson?

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Walter or Bob Anderson was born in New Orleans or there about. He came from an artistic family. His mother and two brothers were artist. Their style as greatly influence by the American arts and craft movement. Walter was born in 1903 and died around 1964. The Anderson family created an arts and crafts business in Oceans Springs Mississippi , that still functions today.
Walter though an eccentric and a recluse is the most famous member of this family. Here are a few of his paintings of wildlife in the Gulf region.







More Passing Books On To Others

August 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

I mentioned in the previous post that the book houses in Minneapolis were found in the front lawns of homes for the most part. Here is a shot of just such a free library. A way to be a friendlier neighbor the sign on the little house says. In this case I found no books that interested me…




Passing Books on to Others

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I have noticed these little mailbox-like houses in the front yards of many a house in Minneapolis. They turn out to be used for free book sharing. You can walk, drive or bike around and take a look in these fanciful little boxes and see if there is a book or two that you might like to read. Well I think with the rise of the digital book this is a cool way to go. I have taken a pic of a series of these book houses on edge of a parking lot.


War in Minneapolis

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I am back in Minneapolis. Getting ready for the next semester of teaching and also an exhibition of my paintings, the end of September.

Noticed that two armies of pavement ants were battling it out. The war lasted three days. The are little piles of brown/black body parts on the site. Those girls don’t mess around when it come to territory.



Early spring in Minneapolis

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Even without their leaves elm trees are very beautiful. I understand why they are planted in so many cities. The shame however that they have to be cut down because of Elm Dutch disease.


The Spring and Red Tree

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spring and red tree

It has been some time since I have published images of my paintings. ¬†To tell the truth I have been going through something of a painter’s block. It is not unusual for me to go through period when I find it hard to draw or paint. At the current time I am working on two paintings at once. In both cases, water is an important element. A am also trying to push myself when it comes to color. That exploration is, hopefully, just beginning.

Inspired by, Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon

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Picture 044I have been going through a dry period with my painting. I am now back out in chilly Minneapolis. I have been drawing and now have some ideas about a work that I started last summer and did not finished. I have made changes to it and may start to work painting it today. Hopefully this gets me past my time of inactivity. And hopefully this break from painting was a good thing.