Boats and Bodies Fishing

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Spent the weekend in Washington DC.
It’s a museum town but I tried not to over do the tourist museum thing, I only went two. One of my favorite museums is the Renwick. It is a small museum with 19th century paintings and contemporary crafts and sculptor. Most of the collection is on the second floor of an lovely 19th century townhouse.
One of the most enjoyable paintings for me was a scene of boats and fishermen . The subtle color and masterful composition was breath taking
. It was painted by Emil Carlsen of Denmark, about 1909.





Do You Know the Artist Walter Anderson?

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Walter or Bob Anderson was born in New Orleans or there about. He came from an artistic family. His mother and two brothers were artist. Their style as greatly influence by the American arts and craft movement. Walter was born in 1903 and died around 1964. The Anderson family created an arts and crafts business in Oceans Springs Mississippi , that still functions today.
Walter though an eccentric and a recluse is the most famous member of this family. Here are a few of his paintings of wildlife in the Gulf region.






War in Minneapolis

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I am back in Minneapolis. Getting ready for the next semester of teaching and also an exhibition of my paintings, the end of September.

Noticed that two armies of pavement ants were battling it out. The war lasted three days. The are little piles of brown/black body parts on the site. Those girls don’t mess around when it come to territory.



Drinking Together: The Asian Kendi

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About a year ago I was in the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) and took photos of a number of items.  Usually I take a photo of the label as well.  Later as I was going though my shots a came across a lovely vessel that I used in a drawing. I discovered that I had no idea what it was or in what museum I had taken the shot. I had not even taken a photo of the label.  I assumed that I was an object some where in MIA’s Asian collection.  I have been wandering the those collections on each visit and have had not discovered it.  I began to wonder if I might be wrong and the object was at the Met in New York City.  This past week however I found the object in a part of the Asian collection at MIA that is somewhat separate from the other, which is upstairs. One the first floor there is India and Southeast Asia.

I later discovered later that the sweet little vessel is called a Kendi. It has a very long history in Asia and is also depicted in European art from time to time. I must admit that I can understand that.  There is something so appealing about its form. This is a lovely  water vessel without handles. It has a long neck that doubles as a place to fill the pot with liquid and  a place to hold, lift and manipulate it.  A spout coming out of a round and squat body. It is a great communal drinking vessel in that liquid can be poured from the vessel with out lips coming into contact with it.

More about Kendi can be found here:

The Familiar Object that Startles

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If you have been reading my blogs you might have noticed that I seem to spend a lot of time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I like art museums in general and I do like MIA in particular.

One of the objects that I find surprising and wonderful is a car in on the second floor. It is in what I take to be the museum’s collection of Design. I wrote my nephew who is a lover of the contemporary automobile about this car. “It would not be the sort of car that you would not want to encounter on a country road in the middle of the night. You would not know if you should flee or follow.”

Context in is very important here and this car is, I think, a marvelous addition to the Museum’s collection.

Human Anatomy,Always in the Back of My Mind

June 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

OK, I have long since stop buying arts magazines. I just fell out of the habit and need I say that the major ones are very, very expensive. But yesterday, here I was in Barnes & Nobles, Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall, coming down the newly repaired escalator with my new sifi novel in hand and I happen to notice the Mag art section from above. When I get back to earth I thought, I’ll give that section a brief look. Which I did. I then noticed one of the cheaper Mags. announcing an article entitled ( Improving Your Drawings Through Anatomy, by Dan Gheno) Ok I was hooked. I looked at it and after a struggle, put it back on the shelf and walked away. That is not to say that I was not haunted afterwards. And afterward, by about twenty minuets, I found myself back in the store, buying the Magazine. ( American Artist: Drawing) It seems a great article. The Magazine is their most recent addition ( Spring 2011) I now can’t wait for the plane ride back to New York City, what better thing to read or re-read?





Removing an obstacle

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There has been a large painting tacked to a wall here in my Minneapolis studio. The last visit here I just looked at it not knowing what to do. It was not working and I did not know what the solution might be. Even before this current visit, I knew that I had to deal with this thing. So yesterday I took it down, rolled it up, and sat it aside. I cut more paper and put that up and started a large charcoal drawing. ( I will post a pic later) I worked on it on and off all day. It is now complete and I feel that an obstacle to getting work done has been removed. It is 3:00 am on Sunday morning and the world did not end last night as it was predicted… 😉 so I have more things to do in the studio today. I am eager to get started.

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