Do You Know the Artist Walter Anderson?

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Walter or Bob Anderson was born in New Orleans or there about. He came from an artistic family. His mother and two brothers were artist. Their style as greatly influence by the American arts and craft movement. Walter was born in 1903 and died around 1964. The Anderson family created an arts and crafts business in Oceans Springs Mississippi , that still functions today.
Walter though an eccentric and a recluse is the most famous member of this family. Here are a few of his paintings of wildlife in the Gulf region.







Food for Thought

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It is odd to think that of all the forms of paintings that there are, still lives seem to have effected me the deepest. I can recall being in an art museum in  Antwerp when it dawned on me that I was getting more pleasure from viewing the still lives than anything else in the museum.  Perhaps it was dovetailed  with another  interest… food.

In later years when I worked as a museum educator at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. I recall more than once the pleasure I received teaching elementary school groups in front of a still life of cakes, raisins and a glass of wine by Raphaelle Peale. The pleasure came from coxing out of them information they already knew.  “What time of Year do you think it is?” I would ask and eventually by looking at the fruit, in particular the raisins, they would see that it was fall or winter.  I then would ask them to be more specific,  to consider the cakes. Eventually seeing the green and red sugar decoration on the cakes they would conclude that it was probably the Christmas season. The discovery that they did not have to get all the information from me but rather they could make discoveries on their own by looking and putting the clues together was a happy revelation for many a child.  At least that was my intention and my hope.

For more about the Peale family Play Video

Six Persimmons

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I was introduced to this painting while in college. It was in an aesthetics class on Asian art. I have always loved the painting.  It is somewhat like a mental talisman that I now turn to when dealing with other examples of still life painting. I came across this odd lecture about the six persimmons a few days ago. It goes long and the speaker is a bit quirky but if you have the time you might enjoy this and learn a bit about the work of an intriguing Chinese painter from the distant past. This is a man who did not fit the conservative mold of his time.     Play Video

The Baptistery #3 is finished

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The Baptistery of a church was once a place on Lexington Ave.  where my best friend and I went to talk, when he visited me at the Center for African Art . This was when the museum was located near Hunter College N. Y. C.   The Baptistery is a theme I have return to from time to time. The juxtaposition between the Christian and the Pagan is my interest here.

White and Yellow Boat

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Well I think that it is finished. It was a pleasure to work on. I learned a lot and now I have to get back to sketching in order to find my next painting

Most recent painting

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Finished painting


Yesterday slap-dash

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OK I knew yesterday, that I should paint. My heart was not in it but I forced it none the less. So I got myself to the studio and began to push, trying to finish the painting. The results of this effort, I painted out this morning. I was not pleased with what I had done. I will spare you the pictures. Thank goodness I am working with very forgiving materials in that I can make the corrections without destroying the whole painting.  Perhaps when I am feeling the way I felt yesterday, I should find something else to work on. There is always my sketch book…

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