Traveling with Brushes

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

One thing you fear when traveling with brushes is that at some point they the delicate fiber or hair of the brushes will get jammed against other items and become ruined. There are a number expensive traveling cases one might purchase. I have found however a bamboo mat with cloth pockets for the brushes in the interior. It works and cost a few dollars rather than many.

Now this gets me to brushes themselves. My god they can be expensive! They are however at the very center of the process of painting. So yesterday as I found myself struggling a bit with paint application, I was wondering if the problem was not having more expensive (responsive?) paint brushes? I will wait however before I go shopping…




The Narmer Fish

May 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

There is a wonderful fish, hard to see unless you know where to look, on and ancient Egyptian palette for grinding pigments for eye shadow. I have used a version of this fish ( a catfish, I suspect ) as an design in one of my paintings. Well I can’t say painting really, because I have not started it yet. I just have the preliminary sketch done at this point. In any case the drawing is mostly done. I may wait a while before I start the painting. There are additional details and changes that I may work on before the application of paint. I like the drawing and look forward to working on this.

Libation finished

May 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is just a quick post. I have finished the painting discussed yesterday. Just thought that you might like to take a look at it. I was a fun project. Thanks to a suggestion from an artist friend, I have begun to prepare my surface with black gesso before I draw with or paint. It has made a vast difference in paint application. It is a; joy in fact to work on the black gesso surface, and the paint dries far better with colors that are close to how they appear when wet. So there a lot less guessing and reworking the surface.

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