Boats and Bodies Fishing

September 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Spent the weekend in Washington DC.
It’s a museum town but I tried not to over do the tourist museum thing, I only went two. One of my favorite museums is the Renwick. It is a small museum with 19th century paintings and contemporary crafts and sculptor. Most of the collection is on the second floor of an lovely 19th century townhouse.
One of the most enjoyable paintings for me was a scene of boats and fishermen . The subtle color and masterful composition was breath taking
. It was painted by Emil Carlsen of Denmark, about 1909.





Do You Know the Artist Walter Anderson?

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Walter or Bob Anderson was born in New Orleans or there about. He came from an artistic family. His mother and two brothers were artist. Their style as greatly influence by the American arts and craft movement. Walter was born in 1903 and died around 1964. The Anderson family created an arts and crafts business in Oceans Springs Mississippi , that still functions today.
Walter though an eccentric and a recluse is the most famous member of this family. Here are a few of his paintings of wildlife in the Gulf region.






The return of wild bees

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I spent some of my time on Minneapolis at the end of September , feeding what might be wild bees, coke, and sugar water to the dismay of neighbors who had to pass the small swarm on their way in and out of their apartment next door. As far as I was concern the survival of the bees was more important than their comfort.

Drinking Alone

July 9, 2012 § 4 Comments

This is one of my favorite poems.

English Translation:

Drinking Alone with the Moon (Li Bai, 701-762 AD, China)

From a wine pot amidst the flowers,
I drink alone without partners.
To invite the moon I raise my cup.
We’re three, as my shadow shows up.
Alas, the moon doesn’t drink.
My shadow follows but doesn’t think.
Still for now I have these friends,
To cheer me up until the spring ends.
I sing; the moon wanders.
I dance; the shadow scatters.
Awake, together we have fun.
Drunk, separately we’re gone.
Let’s be boon companions forever,
Pledging, in heaven, we’ll be together.

The Elegance of the Paper Wasp

June 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

I will not pretend that I have some great discovery here. Artists, poets, priests, and ordinary observers have over thousands upon thousands of years have commented on the power and beauty of the natural world. This is more a reminder to myself to be notice and allow myself to be astonished and renewed. This is a shot of a small nest of a colony of paper wasps. It was hanging near a bike path in Minneapolis. It was no larger than a grapefruit. I suppose the size is what made me notice. I was used to seeing the large cartoon sized types. I think at the start of the season, in the spring a queen starts the colony with a small nest and a few fertile eggs. She is joined later by her daughters who build the paper nest larger and larger. They chew wood to pulp, mixing it with the moisture in their mouths. Considering the design, I wonder about intelligence and art making. Those little lives had no thought or thoughts I wonder presume. They had no impulse to please an viewer or cash in on a market. Their need was just to survive as a species. None the less this paper nest is a very pleasing thing. If it had been shaped by human hands it would be worthy of praise and celebration. Intelligence I suppose in not always thoughtful. The artistic is not away deliberate. We can shape our objects by chance, accident and instinct are just a few of the chance occurrences that can also play a role in making object look the way they do.

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