Gone Again. Now the Baptisary

June 26, 2017 § Leave a comment

I have done a series of sketches on my 19th-century school slate. I have started a series of painting that is concerned with a feature in the Catholic church called the baptistry with its baptismal font. ( Now I think of font as the style of an alphabet). I do not know why this element of the Church fascinates me as much as it does. It is not that I am concerned with the teachings and dogma, it is perhaps something to do with water. Being Cancer, the crab water sign might be part of that artistic if not, spiritual link.  The theme of the baptistry ( a space in the church in which a baptism is performed, is not new to me. Years ago I did a painting concerned with the idea, and that finds its origin in a tradition I had with a friend of meeting in a church baptistry during my lunch break to talk. At that time I was employed by the Center for African Art, near Hunter College, then, Manhattan.

I have a very poor a very poor image of that first painting.  Trying to photograph through glass is never a good idea, but as of now it is all I have.  My friend owns it now so I might get another chance to photograph it.





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