For Sure; Foreshortening

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I suppose I just as well put this comment to Mr. Steele who was blogging about foreshortening as a artistic technique that lends realism to drawing and painting, into a post.

It interesting that it was probably the potters and pottery painters in Ancient Greece, ( a despised class at the time) who worked through many of the issues of realistic drawing and painting in their  mythical ( for them religious) pottery scenes. One wonderful example is on The Euphronios Krater*. Here we see an early example of foreshortening. This depicts the death of Serpedon who is being carried by the twin brothers Hypnos and Thanatos ( sleep and death) One knee of the dead man come out toward the viewer. In dealing with this sort of thing the potters led the way.

The figure standing with lifted arm in the center is the god Hermes. (Called by the Romans, Mercury)

*(A krater is a vessel for mixing wine and water)

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