On the road

April 10, 2012 § 3 Comments

I am back in Minneapolis. I am also back in a second winter. New York City was well advanced into spring and perhaps early summer weather. Here in Minneapolis there are flowers what have faced a freeze last night and will agin tonight. Bless their long suffering little hearts…


§ 3 Responses to On the road

  • patti lipman kemp says:

    Love your new work…still have the two prints you gave me from the sf Indian exposition of 1939..hang in my livingroom..would love to go back to Richmond.Matthew (tiger) and stephanie and joey are all still In Chicago…if you send me an email I can send you a photo of the prints…stephanie is still in touch with Joe Saunders…he is painting in richmond…patti

    • Leon Waller says:

      Hello Patti,
      Thank you for commenting on my Blog
      I was surprised to hear from you. You must have been looking for me.

      Yes I do remember the two Native American posters that I gave you.
      I am happy that they are in good hands and appreciated. I still can’t believe that the museum curator just handed me a roll of posters like that.
      It certainly was not good practices for museums…

      I am teaching African Art ant two colleges here in NYC.
      I am also painting as you can see.
      I go out to Minneapolis about once a month since I have a studio and a boyfriend there.
      I love it in the spring and summer when I do a lot of biking and fishing
      In the winter I never get warm enough ( in spite of the lover…)

      I hope all is well with you and your love ones.
      I have attached a short story that you night enjoy.
      All the best to you and love.

    • Leon Waller says:

      Hi Patti my email is nightletters@juno.com
      All the best to you dear friend.

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