Time to make the (donuts?) no, the eggy paint base

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

When I paint,  I often mix my colors into white gouache which has been mixed with egg yolk and linseed oil,  sometimes referred to as stand oil.  The first step is to take my egg ( this time a lovely speckled organic egg) and separate the yoke from the white. ( a useful skill for a cook as well as as an egg tempera painter)  There are kitchen gadgets to do it by I don’t mind the slippery feel of a raw egg so I do it between my fingers.  ( I like the personal contact).  After that I set the yolk out so the thin membrane that surrounds it will dry a bit and toughen. This all the yolk sac can be picked up and pricked with a pin to allow the yellow yolk to run into a container for mixing with oil, water, and white paint.  In the mixing process, its all about amounts.  There are lots of recipes for this.  I just use a about fifteen drops of each element, (the egg yolk, oil, and water) the mix in about a tablespoon of white paint.   If more water is needed later on in the studio I add it.



In a perfect world I would not have broken the yolk sac before I let it dry.  But alas this is not such a place.  I was dabbing the white away with a paper towel and punctured it slightly.  This I can work with none the less.









These are the three elements that will go together, one egg yolk, stand oil, and water. 














This is the resulting mixture that will be added to one teaspoon of white gouache paint.









This is an eye dropper of the egg /oil mixture













This is the finished eggy  white paint I use as a base for my paintings. I use it

as is or add color if needed. 


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